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A Best Book for Young Adults

American Library Association, 2007


Books for the Teen Age, 2007

New York Public Library

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Grease Monkey is far from the first comic strip to include a gorilla character, and my pal Michael Eury does a fabulous job of examining this hallowed tradition in his new book called Comics Gone Ape (Twomorrows Publishing, 2007). Packed with strange and amazing facts, reams of classic and modern comic art, and interviews with eleven ape-centric comic book creators (including one Timothy Eldred), this is the perfect companion for that Grease Monkey graphic novel that's already sitting on your bookshelf. (You DO have one, right?)

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"Grease Monkey is a well-wrought piece of work. It combines good humor and skillful art by the accomplished hand of Tim Eldred. A good, good read!!"

Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit

"Part SF adventure, part coming of age story, part slapstick sitcom, Grease Monkey is a wonder--a fully-realized novel in comics form, nuanced, involving and clever. I want a sequel already!"

Kurt Busiek, writer: Astro City, Conan the Barbarian

Remember when you were just a kid trying to figure out the adult world? Remember walking through that minefield, never knowing when you’d put your foot in the next one? Don’t you wish you had an 800 lb. Gorilla on your side then? That’s exactly what junior spacecraft mechanic Robin Plotnik is about to get.

Mac Gimbensky has been there, done that, and laughed it off. He’s fussy, cranky, witty, clever, and the single best mechanic around. Fixing space fighters is his passion and his art. The last thing he needs is a cookie-cutter cadet nipping at his heels. But that’s exactly what he’s about to get.

Mac and Robin get off to a shaky start, but when they survive their first day together on the gigantic flagship Fist of Earth, they become fast friends. In a world like theirs, that’s nothing short of miraculous, because Mac isn’t human—he’s that 800 lb. gorilla you wish you had on your side.

Together, this unlikely duo maintains fighter craft for the all-women Barbarian Squadron, which constantly competes against the ship’s other fighter jocks. Robin’s also looking for romance, and he’s far from sure that he knows what he’s doing. Mac has already found it, but a universe of obstacles stands in his way. On top of this, their worst enemy, a by-the-book efficiency officer, seems determined to reorganize their whole lives out of existence.

Fresh and engaging, crammed with likeable characters and science-fictional inventiveness, Grease Monkey is for adults who wish they "knew then what they know now", and also for young people who wish they had a guardian angel against the onslaught of the mysterious, treacherous, and ridiculous world of adults. On behalf of all us, Mac and Robin defy the rules, strike their own path, and poke holes in the big balloon of life. Occasionally, they even get to enjoy it.


"Clever, written with passion and drawn with love."

Mark Evanier, co-creator of Groo the Wanderer

"Believable characters, good writing, humor and excitement. Who could ask for more?"

Trina Robbins, writer/artist: Girls to Grrrlz, Wild Irish Roses

"Delightful science fiction with a sense of humor, Grease Monkey is an all-ages series that doesn’t write down to its readership—and that’s much more rare than it should be."

Comic Shop News

"The identifiable characters and the depth of the insights add up to something greater than the sum of the individual episodes--a rare commodity in graphic novels: wisdom."


"Eldred's writing is filled with gentle comedy and wise personal insights. His artwork is particularly good at conveying his cast's personalities. This should appeal to readers who appreciate a universal story and nuanced characterization with their space battles."

Publisher's Weekly


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